A valuable lesson on celebrating body diversity

Embrace is an Australian documentary directed by the very courageous, Taryn Brumfitt and it aims to send a valuable message to all women – ‘Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the “perfect body”. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.’

The body Image movement is about celebrating body diversity and positive body image. When a staggering 90% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies – we really need to ask why ? When 400 million women in the US alone are booking in for cosmetic procedures, we need to make a change.

Brumfitt embarks on her own journey of body correction after the birth of her third child. Firstly booking in for plastic surgery, but cancelling after questioning the message she is sending her daughter. Next she starts a 15 week intensive body building regime to reach a goal of standing on stage in a bikini. When she is backstage waiting to go on, she can hear her fellow contestants complaining about their bodies. She started to question the sacrifices she had made on a daily basis to achieve this ‘perfect’ body only to feel dissatisfied. She was still not happy or fulfilled.

Be loyal to your body, love your body. It’s the only one you’ve got’
– Body image movement

For many this film is shocking and thought provoking – for me as a stylist and a mother – I am just so happy that this is being openly discussed. I want to see change.
How do we go from being a 3 year old twirling in front of the mirror adoringly to being ok with describing ourselves as “disgusting’, ‘fat’ or ‘not good enough’ ? When do we let that inner critic take over.  I watch my daughter dance and laugh at herself in the mirror and I want to do everything I can to maintain that sort of confidence in her. She deserves it.

Something has to change and it needs to start NOW. When 50% of girls aged between  5-12 want to lose weight.
‘Imagine loving your body in the middle of your life like you do at the beginning and the end’. Click here to watch the clip.


Like so many women, I was teased as a child. I was teased for being too skinny. I didn’t understand why my peers had an issue with my body. I was ok with who I was until people pointed out that I wasn’t what others expected a ‘perfect’ 12 year olds body to look like. I was confused why my parents friends could openly say ‘wow she is very skinny’. My supportive and loving sister put me on a ‘fattening’ up diet of eggs, full fat everything and milkshakes galore – but the reality was that my body was built to be lean as a child. Nothing I ate would change that. Even so, the issue was not mine. I just learnt to not worry about how others expected me to look.
There is no perfect solution to this global issue. The message that shines through in the film is that it all starts in our own head. I also believe that you own your own thoughts – too many women feel that they fall short of the ideal. We have to start accepting our own flaws and start to see our bodies as a vehicle to our dreams. Turia Pitt says in the film ‘If I can start my life again from scratch – so can you. Just own it !’


Less judgement – more embracing

As a fashion stylist, it’s endlessly rewarding seeing the shift in a woman when she starts to see herself differently in the mirror. Instead of seeing all the things she would like to change – she starts to see the positives and makes clothing choices around her body shape, lifestyle and goals. I love it even more when I get messages from them saying that they are feeling positive and have been receiving lots of compliments  – all without stepping into a gym or dieting. It’s empowering and freeing. It’s about accepting who you are and not having to change to be an unrealistic ‘perfect’.

Embrace your body and find your path to peace.

Find out where EMBRACE is showing in your area here


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