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Confidence looks great on you!

Are you fast approaching 40 but still dressing in the same clothes you wore in your 20s?

Generally men are not keen on investing time into following trends or worrying about what flatters their body shape. Men are generally a lot more comfortable in their own skin and much less critical of themselves then women.

Lately I have noticed a common theme amongst many of my male clients and friends is that they don’t know what their style is or how to even attempt to get stylish. But – they want to. Who doesn’t want to look good and get compliments? Who doesn’t dream of being ahead of the fashion pack?

The area of confusion for many is smart casual. This is weekend socialising attire. An area that leaves men confused, overwhelmed and they just don’t know where to start.

I recently had a client that is a partner in a plumbing business. His partner wore suits to work, while he was on the tools and wearing a uniform. He had started to notice that if they attended a last minute meeting, he was not taken as seriously based on his clothing. The clients mainly addressed his suited partner. We needed a solution. It was decided he needed an outfit in his office or car that was ready to go for any last minute meetings. A simple look of chinos and a check shirt. It was important that he was taken seriously and treated as an equal. This is the power of clothing. You have 3 seconds to be summed up accurately or inaccurately. You haven’t even opened your mouth yet.

When you start to dress appropriately for work and social situations, you will be surprised at how confident you can feel.

So the question is… do you reflect the man you have become? Do you have clothing in your wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. Do you want to wear clothes that flatter your body shape and maybe hide some of those parts you’re not so keen on? Well you can.

Start to add interest to your wardrobe. It might be a floral tie, a navy blazer or a stylish pair of shoes. Start to think about adding colour. Get rid of items that don’t fit. Invest in jeans and chinos that fit and flatter your body. Allocate some time to look through a men’s fashion magazine to look at styles that appeal to you.

As your start to explore your new style, don’t be afraid of getting a ribbing from your mates… it means you are being noticed!

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