If there were one word, to sum up, the ultimate style for 2020 so far, it would be comfort. With forced lockdown, e-learning with kids, working from home and any spare time being used to get fresh air via a bush walk or family bike ride, there isn’t much use for anything rigid or structured. This winter is all about stretch and comfort until spring, and hopefully, more freedom arrives. 

The past few months have been anything but normal. So much uncertainty combined with spending more time at home, we have become comfortable…with being comfortable. I have found while touching base with my repeat clients that there seem to be two types of people – those in a lazy COVID style rut and content to be there ( for now ) and others that have COVID style fatigue ( I now call CSF ) and need and want to navigate their way back out. It isn’t helping that it’s cold and the middle of our winter.

Well, I am here to tell you that it’s possible to be both stylish and comfortable. With these five items – you are guaranteed to navigate your way out of CSF.

1.    A pull-on pant or jean with a high waist elastic finish. The streamlined silhouette allows you to layer for warmth easily. It means no bulk around the middle and stretches for comfort.  It will enable you to add either a white casual sneaker, tee and jacket or a soft blouse, overcoat and boot for work.

2.    A white sneaker is a must. The everyday shoe is worn with anything and everything. Comfort is key when it comes to footwear. I grabbed a pair of vegan leather sneakers in May and have worn them every day since. Perfect for our current casual environment. Heels not required or needed.

3.    An ankle or knee-high boot is the only shoe you need to invest in to get you through winter. My suggestion is a neutral tan or charcoal as it’s easier to style back with any colour combination.

4.    Knitwear is EVERYTHING. Invest in a few comfortable knits. Perfect for layering under a leather jacket, tailored coat or puffer jacket. 

5.    Depending on your current lifestyle, you need an overcoat or a puffer jacket. I know I have needed both—an overcoat and a puffer jacket. The overcoat for a more tailored look. Go for a textured fabric or a tonal check. Avoid a black overcoat as it is harsh and limits outfit combinations. A puffer is perfect for everything casual. Layered with tees or lightweight knits for warmth. 

Once, you have all these essentials for your style and comfort; you can play within your wardrobe to create more options with what you already have. 

A perfect wardrobe is built on quality, not quantity. A few essential items outweigh adding loads of items creating overwhelm. Never base your wardrobe credibility on how much you have – it’s how hard it works for you that matters.

If you are on a conscious budget this season, then I suggest you add a new lip gloss or accessories to lift your mood and give you a fun element to your existing clothes. It’s essential to leave the house feeling positive. Accessories are always the key to making the same pieces look different. A selection of earrings and scarves are the most accessible and affordable way to get you through winter without spending too much. Remember that fashion should be fun and a way to showcase your personality and outlook on life. 

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