Fashion V Style and why you can have both

No one sums it up better than Coco Chanel: ‘fashion passes, style remains.’

Fashion, can be cruel and make us feel like we are not cool enough – but it can also make you feel on top of the world if you play it right.

Fashion is fast, fun and a reflection of a moment in time. If you look at old photo’s , you can pinpoint an era just by the fashion worn. It is a treadmill of newness sent to tempt shoppers. When I left my job as a fashion buyer and manufacturer, I decided to get off the treadmill and slow things down. I believe you can have the best of both worlds. Style with an injection of fashion.

Style doesn’t care about what’s on-trend or in fashion right now. Style has it’s own thing going on.

It breaks the rules so that you can stand out for the right reasons. Style knows what suits and how to pull it off. A stylish wardrobe will stand the test of time. It will suit your lifestyle and the places you are getting dressed for. It is practical as well as effortless. Style is in the way you roll your sleeve, tuck your blouse and the shoes you choose to compliment your outfit. It is the basics that pull looks together in an effortless way.

While a stylish and well-collated wardrobe will serve you well, it can be boring unless it is made interchangeable with fashion pieces. When you know your style and what suits, it’s easy to identify the fashion trends that will work back with what you already own. Fashion won’t last, but it doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. You can be stylish and fashionable.

Each season, navigate the shops with an outcome in mind. Be clear on what already exists in your wardrobe.
Some quick tips for integrating fashion and style into your wardrobe

1. Ask yourself – will this piece integrate into the wardrobe to create more options or add a burst of freshness?
2. Can I update my look with accessories that are on-trend in colour and design.
3. Approach shops that echo your taste and invest in less but go for pieces that will last longer
4. Think about cost per wear. For a trend piece, you want to pay less and wear as much as possible before it looks dated and daggy. An investment or classic piece is worth paying more as it will last years if it is looked after properly.
5. Before making a purchase, think about whether the item reflects the style you are trying to achieve. You don’t want to buy more of the same. You want to be elevating your style and trying new cuts, fabrics and colours to create more options in your wardrobe.

Don’t exclude trends – as they can create so much fun when getting dressed. Just make sure you are introducing the trends that will work for you and the life you are getting dressed for. When you have a wardrobe that reflects your personality, fits your body well and makes getting dressed everyday fun and quick – then you have achieved a style that works for YOU.

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