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Right now we are in isolation and its clear that we are missing getting dressed up and feeling special. From wearing ball gowns on bin night to wearing sequins for a virtual drinking session with friends, we are still craving the feeling that clothes give us. I am as guilty as you. I have spent endless days in my leisurewear. It felt great to start with and was super practical, but it also was a big reminder that I am not very productive in this relaxed style.

Getting dressed up is something we have control over during a time of deep uncertainty. The perfect time to wear a statement piece that creates a feeling of joy and fun. It also helps us stay focused and productive.

My styling business has a unique approach to the way I work with clients. Clothes are the tools I use to help women identify their own style so they can make better and more informed choices and purchases. I believe that style is more than just clothing. Style comes from within. It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. It’s the transformation in confidence and the ability to see themselves differently when they look in the mirror…..or the webinar zoom call screen.

I have been asked so many times lately about my top tips for dressing for working from home. I personally find getting my whole look right is what makes me feel switched on and in working mode but, I know for many it’s about doing the minimum to look professional and also being comfortable.

So here are my top tips for nailing isolation style for virtual meetings with minimal effort

  • Plan the night before. One less decision to make in the morning and allows you to exercise, shower and dress without any angst.
  • Invest in a handheld steamer. Like this one from Kmart that I am currently loving. Means you can touch up pieces quickly with minimal effort and no setting up of an ironing board.
  • Wear a top or jacket that has an interesting detail and can be a conversation starter. Remember, you can bring joy through the screen with your wardrobe choices.
  • Add a statement earring or a turban headband. Might take the attention away from the grey hairs starting to sprout ( speaking from experience here )
  • Add a gloss or lipstick and keep other makeup to a minimum. It’s a great time to give your skin a break from heavy makeup.
  • Wear elasticated pull-on pants or jeans with a tee and just before your webinar, thrown on a kaftan like the new autumn range in our online store. The kaftan will feel comfortable and more suitable than just wearing a tee. Take off kaftan and head out for a walk without having to change.

Now is the perfect time to have a conversation about your own style rut and struggles. There is a solution to every wardrobe struggle. You can have a minimal wardrobe with maximum impact. Book a virtual chat here


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