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Everything Scandinavian is in, be it home decor or clothing, it is a simplistic fashion trend which just shouts STYLE! Find my top 7 tips for achieving effortless Scandi chic – originally featured on the Putiik blog.



When I think of Scandinavian style, I see simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. It’s all about looking stylish without looking like you are trying too hard. Clean lines, simple design and quality fabrications.

In 2002, my husband and I spent a whole month travelling around Scandinavia. We started in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Our trip included Norway, Sweden and Finland. We glimpsed the midnight sun, lived like a Viking, enjoyed endless daylight hours and breathed in the precious clean air. We embraced the modern urban atmosphere, enjoyed a polar plunge in the Arctic Ocean and even had a ride on the Olympic bobsled track. My overall conclusion of the northern European peninsula, is that it is the closes thing to paradise I have ever experienced.

The Scandinavian region has long been known as a hub of fashion. No one embodies effortless style like the Scandinavians. Uncomplicated palettes, smart tailoring and quality fabrications all add up to scandi-cool. A refined sense of style.

What I noticed and admired was the effortless way Scandinavian women can throw an outfit together. Simple trousers, knitted scarves and slouchy tees, worn back with flat, comfortable shoes. The idea that beauty and function can coincide.

Scandinavian women truly define normcore. Unisex and unpretentious dressing. T-shirts, sneakers and denim. Comfortable and practical. If it doesn’t look effortless, then it’s not normcore.

Tonal monochrome keeps their looks simplistic and sharp. Quality cuts and fabrications feel modern and luxe. Even their grunge looks clean.

That’s My Style has pulled together their top 7 tips for achieving effortless Scandi chic:

  1. Good quality basics – modest and simple pieces in neutral colours
  2. Go monochrome – black and white with a splash of colour or a stripe added
  3. Layers, layers and more layers. Think good quality tees, scarves and a beautiful tailored coat or cape
  4. Practical shoes – Flats, Loafers, runners or ankle boots. Ready for what the day brings.
  5. Minimal jewellery
  6. Smart elegant leather bag – I love Putiik’s Black Tote Bag
  7. A hint of ankle (or mankle for the men) is something the ever practical Nordic people have been on to for a long time. Originating because it’s easier to cycle and it keeps hem dry and out of puddles.

You could say that Scandinavian style is: lagom. An untranslatable word that has a very positive connotation of roughly meaning ‘Just right’. Enjoy exploring and embracing a style that means and looks lagom!

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