Break your style rut, stop reaching for black

Shop with purpose, not emotion

Women have never been busier and often feel disconnected to what they value and what matters to them most. We are time poor and making an overwhelming amount of decisions daily. So many of us feel like we are being pulled in all different directions and never getting through our endless to-do lists.

I believe some women tend to emotional shop to escape daily stresses and gain instant pleasure. There is an instant rush of excitement at the time of purchase. This emotion is addictive. Sadly, this fix does not last long and can lead to added financial pressure and shame. Compulsive shopping can be more about filling a void, not a need. It could be loneliness, lack of confidence or control in their life. It might be that they feel pressure to look a certain way or gain status with friends or colleagues. A negative emotion or experience can lead to the rush of the purchase to escape the bad vibe feeling.

The fun is in the purchase of the amazing dress and all that it promises. There is hope in each purchase because you want to believe that this is the outfit that will give you confidence, solve your problems, give you an amazing night out, make management notice you for the right reasons. The reality is often a disappointment. The item is shoved in the wardrobe taking up space and another reminder of wasted money.


I recently visited a woman who continually buys expensive designer labels that are on sale and cannot be returned. She admits she could start a hire service with the number of dresses with tags on them. She assured me she has a great sense of style and what suits her….so why such a large wardrobe filled with items she can’t wear. She admitted shopping online makes her happy in that moment and she feels pressure to live up to the perception from her friends that she is stylish and unique.

Working with hundreds of women, I know that being able to identify your own style, being educated on what suits your body shape and aligning your wardrobe with the lifestyle you get dressed for is the key to breaking the cycle. Shopping online with no clear direction ( and a few glasses of wine already under the belt ) and no knowledge of the fit, quality or colour  – leads to disappointment. Women need more guidance around what to avoid and what suits THEM.

When you look in your wardrobe, the ultimate goal is to find an array of options that all mix n match to create endless options that are aligned with what you are getting dressed for in your life.

If your guilty of the emotional shop at times, then there are a few tips to keep in mind

  • Adding to an already overflowing wardrobe creates more overwhelm. Have a wardrobe cleanse and remove any items that are not reflecting the style you want to portray, do not fit and flatter your body shape or have never been worn because they just didn’t work. Once these items are removed – I guarantee they will not be missed. You will then have a wardobe of items that you can build on.
  • Shop your own wardrobe. Reinvent pieces you already love by challenging yourself to wear one piece in three different ways. A silk blouse can be worn with a tailored pant, yes but can also we worn with a pleated skirt or a straight leg jean with a french tuck. Change your shoe to create the look your trying to achieve.
  • Identify an area of ‘pain’ in your wardrobe. Do you have a lot of pants and no tops? Do you struggle to dress casually on the weekends? There is always an area of neglect in a womans wardrobe and this should be your focus for any new purchases as they will create variety. No guilt required when purchasing to fill these gaps, as it will help create more options with what you already own.
  • Accessories are the secret to upgrading your wardrobe every season on a budget. Collecting pieces that showcase your personality or add a pop of your favourite colour do wonders for your confidence and help take a casual look into an outfit for a night out – Just add heels and a statement earring to elevate.



My role as a stylist is to help guide a client to live their best lives. Getting up in the morning and being able to get dressed quickly and confidently, significantly reduces stress and sets you up for a successful day ahead. Educating and arming yourself with an understanding of your own style will really help support you in making purchases that will be worn and loved. No more items in the wardrobe with the tags still attached – means saving money and gaining more time in your day. Winning.

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