Is your style uniform sending a clear message?

Something that really stands out to me as a personal stylist is that people spend way more energy than they need to when getting dressed in the morning. Whether you are a mum, work in corporate or a start-up business, you are spending to much time and energy deciding what to wear every day. In fact, recent studies show that over a lifetime, a woman spends almost an entire year standing in front of her wardrobe deciding what to wear. So in the name of sanity, I suggest you find a signature look and start saving precious time in the mornings.

Every day we wake up and get dressed. The choice of clothes that we put on is a way we communicate to the outside world. Our style of clothing is a layer of language we wear and the first thing people notice when they see us. Everyone has their own style uniform and the more aligned and aware we are, the easier it will be to get dressed and communicate your style to the world.

As a personal stylist, it is my job to listen and activate the steps required to make sure you are visually representing yourself accurately. It’s not only the visual outcome you present to the world but also the energy you give in how the clothing makes you feel. This impacts the way you show up and how confident you are. It’s all about delivering a clear message.

Recently I worked with Bel, a mother who wears a very credible and easily recognised government uniform. A uniform which portrays high levels of respect and even fear for some. When she stands up to speak, educate colleagues and share her experiences, the uniform would give her instant credibility. Her level of experience is easily displayed by the epaulettes she wears and the conviction in her voice is totally aligned to her uniform.

If you then take away this ‘uniform’ ….how is she able to instantly visually communicate her experience and credibility? This is how we came to meet.

After my first meeting with Bel where we discussed her start up business and her lifestyle, we realised that she needs to visually show up differently across a few of the roles that she is planning on creating in her start-up business. Bel was clear on her vision, and so it was easy for her to find the words to describe her new style ‘uniform’, one which would reflect her own personal values and business values. My role as her stylist was to find the tangible items of clothing to reflect the way she wants her brand to be seen. Words like elite, inspiring, stylish and approachable were discussed. This becomes her style ‘ uniform’. Bel has a powerful message to share and needed to feel confident when holding the stage or captivating her audience.

We started in Bel’s own wardrobe, removing those items which did not align with her brand. Her wardrobe now reflects the journey she is on and the values and goals she has set out to achieve. The wardrobe she opens every day reflects the day to day life she leads as a busy mum and as a women starting out on her business journey. Bel no longer experiences worry or frustration in considering what to wear when opportunities present. She instantly knows how she wants to show up and visually present her message.

If you have a clear vision of what your style uniform or signature look should look like – then you never have to think or spend time worrying if you are looking sharp, professional or stylish enough. This Uniform may even give you instant respect and credibility or propel you to the next level in your career based on how you turn up and present yourself.

All women in business need a “style Uniform”, a signature look that is aligned with her lifestyle, values and how she wants to be seen. Having a strong sense of your style uniform will, in the long run, save you time in getting dressed and money as you can begin to confidently shop to add value to your wardrobe that already exists.

To present your true personality through a “style uniform” you must first firmly define how you want to ‘look’. What words describe how you want to communicate to others in a work, networking, social situation. Start by listing three adjectives to describe your image or brand and the style speak you want to communicate.


When getting dressed in the morning, ask yourself what are your three adjectives you want to communicate via the clothes you are wearing. For example, Bel wanted to look professional when speaking to audiences in her own business to display a high level of credibility. With some exploration of the word ‘professional’ I discovered this actually meant suiting, heels and an overall sharply put together outfit. When she is wearing items that reflect this and are put together right, she then feels she is communicating and displaying professionalism and authenticity and this is 100% how she wants her brand to be showcased.

We are always evolving and growing and your closet at times needs to catch up. When your wardrobe, your lifestyle and values are aligned, you will experience a level of confidence which is easily identified within yourself. This is when your style uniform is defined.

What is your style uniform?

Bel, Resilience & Wellness Coach @learnlivebreathe

Business Branding photo shoot

Image captured by Lauren – Intuitive photographer @sol_co

Make up @kristysglam


Styling @thatsmystyle_bybernadette


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