6 Style tips for working mums – Featured on Mouths Of Mums

Finding the right outfit every single day as a working mum can be a bit repetitive and stressful, especially when you don’t have time to think! Here are a few simple tips I wrote for the Mouths of Mums website recently to make that everyday job a little bit easier.



Every single day we wake up and get dressed for the day ahead.

If you are anything like me, you may be making toast, packing lunches and finding missing socks, all while getting yourself dressed. As working mums, we know that what we wear speaks volumes about how our day may turn out and how happy or confident we will feel.

Women’s wardrobes are, too often, an area of frustration and even self-loathing. Mums have very little time for themselves but need to present like they have their life together (and we all know that is not always achievable). Who has time to waste standing in front of our wardrobe wondering how we can look stylish in record speed?

In fact, the average woman wastes one year of her life wondering what to wear. What? Insane and avoidable.

As a personal stylist, business founder and mum of 3, I believe it’s achievable to have a wardrobe that allows us to be ready for anything the day throws at us.

It might start with a meeting in the office, an unexpected presentation, after school sport and even end up with a night out. Our days are jam packed and no one has the time or energy for getting changed.

So how can you be wardrobe ready for any situation?

The first step to saving time in the mornings is to rid your wardrobe of all the items that are not suited to your lifestyle, values and body shape.

It is amazing how easily you can get dressed if you have a few spot on options rather than a large cluttered wardrobe. Hence why we often say ‘my wardrobe is overflowing and I still have nothing to wear!’

By getting rid of the things that you don’t love, you will be able to see the things that you do. You will also be able to identify what is missing and what is stopping you from having a fully functioning wardrobe.

The items listed below are often the pieces that are missing from my client’s wardrobes or they don’t have the right fit to suit their body shape and style.

1.    The basic black pant
Stick to a straight leg. Most flattering and easy to mix and match with wardrobe. If you are feeling adventurous, play with a culotte style for this spring /summer.

2.    Blouses / shirts
Add some prints and plains. Go for non-iron soft flowing fabrics (that skim, not cling) which can be worn tucked in our out. Think about open or V necks to highlight your neck and face, plus they suit small and larger bustlines.

3.    Shoes
Make sure you have a plain black medium heel and a black loafer. Stick to the same pant and shoe colour to lengthen legs.

4.    A blazer and/or trench
Pick a colour that will work back with all your blouse colours and prints. If you’re not keen on a plain black then go for a texture or marle finish.

4. Add colour
Introduce 1-2 new season colours into your wardrobe to keep it fresh and easy to mix & match. At the moment, I am adding pinks and muted yellows that work back with my existing core wardrobe. Colour helps with your mood and should be embraced.

5.  Handbag
A quality leather handbag in a black or neutral colour that can be used every day for work and mum life.

6. Personality hero pieces
Introduce hero pieces that show your personality. Add interest or colour via earrings, necklaces and printed scarves. Wear a lip colour that stands out and compliments your skin tone. Invest in shoes that are fun, colourful, and make people remember you.

Keep in mind that a perfect wardrobe is built on quality, not quantity. A few key items outweigh adding loads of items taking up prime space.

Never base your wardrobe credibility on how much you have – it’s how hard it works for you that matters. Invest in items that matter like shoes and comfortable fitting pants.

As mums, we tend to lose who we are. Our wardrobes need to move with us and stay aligned with who we are right now. Say goodbye to items that looked and felt fab pre-children. They often don’t make us feel amazing in our current life. Make sure you have clothing that enhances your body and makes you feel good.

Don’t miss the woman you once were – embrace and celebrate the stronger and more capable woman you are becoming. No matter how challenging life is as a mum – you are strong, confident and fun and you can do it all feeling stylish.


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