Bernadette Payne

Founder of ‘That’s My Style’

Bernadette Payne is an accomplished, award-winning stylist with a unique approach to working with each client.

She believes that style is more than just clothing. Style comes from within. It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Her passion lies in helping women and men identify their own personal style and giving them the tools to choose pieces that make them feel empowered and confident.

Over the past seven years, Bernadette has taken on the role of head stylist for Model Mates. She collaborates with Westfields, Australian designers, retailers, and expo organizers. The event features models of different ages and abilities and is about inclusivity. It provides a platform for models to showcase their capabilities and be part of a community that values and celebrates them. In her role, she strives to highlight the models’ personalities by selecting clothes that inspire confidence and allow them to walk on the catwalk with ease and joy. This event consistently reaffirms the incredible power of clothing and styling.

Before launching That’s My Style, Bernadette spent over 20 years in the fashion industry, buying and manufacturing fashion lines for some of Australia’s leading retailers, which involved sourcing and research trips to London, Paris, Barcelona, LA and New York, looking for new concepts, trends, fabrications and colour themes suitable for the Australian market. Here, she also learned the foundations of garment design, which taught her the basics of dressing to suit specific body shapes—knowledge she now shares daily with her clients.

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