How to nail your visual branding right from the start

Earlier this year, Melanie reached out to Fashion Stylist Bernadette from That’s My Style.

Melanie initially wanted advice on what essentials are needed for a nomad traveller who isn’t 20 years old and able to pull off living in cut off denim shorts anymore. She admitted that her suitcase choices are not always practical and that she has been guilty of packing her stilettos for working stints on remote sandy islands. Totally impractical, but it told Bernadette that Melanie likes to feel glam and stylish no matter what her surroundings. Bernadette loved the challenge of helping this vibrant adventurous woman in business – who lived remotely (was in Thailand at the time) and could only connect via Skype.

During their 1hr Skype session, they looked at Melanie’s existing wardrobe, discussed her lifestyle, career goals, current shopping disadvantages and even conducted a fun visual activity that really helped piece together what Melanie loved in clothing and outfits. Bernadette was then able to put together a suggested list of key items that would fit with her lifestyle and body shape. The items had to be available via websites that she could order from and have items delivered to the remote area she was currently in.

Fast forward a few months and Melanie has launched her new business as a Life Coach –  ‘Melanie Wheatley”.

Melanie Wheatley is a straight talking, loud and proud, dream chasing Life coach.  She’s a proud wife and friend who empowers extroverted women leaders to release their self-judgement.  She helps them step in to their power to enable them to truly value and believe in their strengths.

When you launch a new business it is key to make sure you visually portray your brands authenticity. 11 decisions about YOU are summed up in 7 seconds and this is all based on VISUALS. I love how much Melanie’s personality shines through in the images she created for her website and social media. Showing your authenticity is what connects (or disconnects) you with your clients.

After Melanie’s branded photo shoot, she touched base with Bernadette to discuss how their 1hr skype session helped with her personal branding :-

What hesitations did you have about working with a personal stylist?

I felt a little bit stupid asking for help. I was used to being well put together and stylish and part of me thought I didn’t really need the help while the other part of me was really needing that guidance to help me present myself in the manner I wanted.

I was quite embarrassed to ask for help.  I’m a strong woman who not only is used to having all of her “shit” together but I know the difference between a Jimmy Choo and a Manolo – asking for help was hard!, Thank god there was a part inside me that was brave enough to reach out to Bernadette as what was such a simple call was the A-Ha moment that led to so much more.

How did you feel after our Skype session?                                                                                    

It was an interesting session for me. It was a turning point and an A-HA moment for me in realizing that I had lost my self-confidence and instead of showing off my assets I was tending to focus more on the things I didn’t like about myself. Talking to Bernadette about this realization set me on the path where I am now in working with women who were a lot like me on their confidence a mindset.

It was unexpectedly quite powerful, I listened and I learned.  It was the moment I realised that I was not alone.  Many women out there have lost their self-confidence and don’t take the time in their day to promote and showcase their true beauty.  Talking to Bernadette was the beginning of my learning and release of self-judgement with my own body.  Her words are strong, motivating and empowering.  For a stylist she makes for a damn good body-confidence coach!

What did you take away from our session?

The ideas! Bernadette is so easy to talk to and so practical in her advice – who knew that a de-cluttered wardrobe would make me feel so good and who knew that everything you buy should have at least 2 uses. I now shop with purpose. Better choices when shopping – less impulsive

Did your session help with deciding how you wanted to visually portray your brand? Being you… a Life Coach.

Our session was at the beginning of what was a long year of personal development and learning.  The sessions planted the seed in my head that I was pretty damn fabulous exactly as I was and they encouraged me to remember this and stay true to who I am –

So absolutely it helped me, Kate my photographer from Quince and Mulberry and I created images which I feel really showcase my personality.



Photographer – Kate Taylor Quince and Mulberry



Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Be more productive? Or just have a better relationship with your spouse or children? Get in contact with Melanie.

Unlike a therapist, Melanie will not focus on your past, but your future, and she will help you break through any barriers keeping you from a life of fulfilment.




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