How critical is your outfit choice when it comes to interviews?

I was recently asked by leading professional recruitment agency Bowen Eldridge,  to comment on why a visual first impression is so important. 

The interview process can be cut-throat. A psychology study carried out by Frank Bernieri, Ph. D. has shown that, within the first 10 seconds of being introduced to an interviewer, they will have made a decision on the likelihood of employing you. If you’re not dressed appropriately, the way you choose to present yourself could very well be your downfall.

Imogen Lamport at Inside Out Style believes “It’s imperative that you dress well for a job interview. Recent research shows that within in fractions of a second your interviewer has decided how: likeable, trustworthy, competent and dominant you are.”

“It doesn’t matter how much it may sound superficial to judge people on first impressions, the reality is we all do it – the unconscious bias is at play.” – Jon Michail, CEO and founder of Image Group International

“First impressions matter because we feel before we can think. Emotions are faster than thinking.” – Voight Holgar from Mind Skill

So why is a visual impression so important? Bernadette Payne founder of ‘That’s My Style’ believes: “If someone is dressed well, we have greater confidence in their ability. If they make an effort with their appearance, then we assume they will have pride in their work and clients.”

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