How do runway trends end up in your wardrobe?

Have you ever wondered why runway shows seem over the top and some designs seem ridiculous and irrelevant to you? I bet you never realised that the runway influences you and the purchases you make.

Runway shows are a chance for designers to showcase their concepts, themes and even attitude. To really show the fashion world what they stand for. It’s all about impact and standing out from the rest. The runway looks are often lost on everyday women as they can’t see the translation into their ‘normal’ practical life.

These runway trends are closely monitored by mainstream designers and fashion buyers and eventually filtered down from the runway to affordable brands similar to Zara, H&M or Country Road. As a fashion manufacturer and buyer in my previous career, I would take inspirational concepts from the runway and overseas designers. I would use this inspiration to develop ranges that were targeted to a certain type of women, depending on the retailer. We would focus on colours, prints, fabrics and silhouettes that are trending and selling well. Once everyone is happy with the concepts, the ranges are signed off and the offshore manufacturing would begin. Approximately three months later this range would hit the retailers floor and eventually finds its way into the average everyday woman’s wardrobe. These fashion trends are released by season throughout the year.

Patrice from Zurii and Bernadette from That’s My Style at MBFW, 2017

Now as a personal stylist, I encourage my clients to have a clear understanding of what their style is, rather than being dictated by trends. Keeping up with trends, often make people feel like they are not good enough. It is also a reason why many women have items in their wardrobe that have never been worn. It was a trend that was not suitable to her personal style.

When you are clear on your style, you are more informed and therefore avoid impulse purchases. Style can be explored and identified effortlessly through one of my style discovery sessions. Your unique style is identified via your own lifestyle, body shape, values and goals. Once a strong sense of style is established, trends can be introduced with clarity. Not all new season trends are right for everyone – but some can be perfectly streamlined into their existing wardrobe. Just knowing and being aware of this reduces overwhelm.

So, next time you watch a fashion runway show or browsing through magazines – have a look at what visually appeals to you. Is it the colour that pops out at you or the interesting way a look has been put together. Think about the soft draping versus sharp tailoring. What accessories or shoes pop. Whatever really stands out to you, is something you can have fun with. It is a way to push your boundaries and explore options you may not have ever thought you could pull off.

Inspiration is all around. Get inspired.

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