How to pull off statement earrings this festive season with style

Accessories are the perfect way to bring an outfit to life and enhance your best features. It only takes one great piece to bring your outfit to the next level.
So, if you want an easy and affordable way to lift your summer outfit, then look no further than a statement earring.

I have always been a lover of statement necklaces, but I was truly taken by surprise at the success of my new range of statement earrings. That’s My Style accessories launched in October with 5 signature necklaces that sold out within a day. I then decided to introduce some fun earrings that I knew would suit many face shapes and push my clients to try something new.  

The range is feminine, stylish and will be the first thing someone will notices when they talk to you.
If you think you can’t pull it off, then here are some tips to change your mind

1.    Know what suits your face. If you have a round face, you would normally want a long and narrow earring style like the tassels that are very on trend. A narrow oval face can try any shape. But don’t stick to the rules, hold up styles next to your face and trust your own judgement about what suits your face shape.

2.    Make them the main attraction. Keep it simple and don’t over-crowd your face by having both earrings and a necklace.

3.    Don’t try to colour match your earrings to your outfit. Try clashing or introducing a colour highlight.

4.    Wear them day or night, glam or casual. Add an unexpected element to your everyday tee and shorts this summer. Don’t think about statement earrings only being for night time glam. Our range is perfect for daytime fun.

5.   If you have a tricky neckline, then it’s the perfect opportunity to play with a stand out statement earring. Earrings will frame your face and bring attention to your shoulder line.

6.   Wear your hair pulled back from your face to show off your playful earrings or tuck your hair behind one ear. No use hiding your statement piece within your hair.

7.   If your prone to wearing all black, then a statement earring is a great way to add interest and colour to your wardrobe without breaking the budget. Add an animal print or floral print shoe and a statement coloured earring and your black outfit will have instant personality.

You can shop our accessories range here 

I hope your living the secret of great style – only wearing outfits you feel great in.

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