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Does your man loathe shopping? Does he shop under duress and pressure due to an event coming up? Do you spend a whole day shopping together and come home with nothing? That experience then shapes how they feel about buying clothes in the future. They want to look and feel attractive with the least amount of effort. That is why they love the experience of a 3-hour  personal shop and the outcome reached. They want to spend their weekends living…not shopping.

But, if you want to be his personal stylist and update his wardrobe, then I have some tips to help you shop successfully, efficiently, save money and even impress him with your thoughtfulness. No more feeling hurt and wondering why he has never worn the shirt you bought him. What it all comes down to is that he has a different idea of his own style than you.

Always keep his style and personality in mind, don’t try and change him or dress him like someone else. If you are unsure of his style, ask him to think of a celebrity or mate that he admires for the way they dress. Ask him what it is that appeals. This is an insight into what visually appeals and what he is (unintentionally) aspiring to be.


Check his wardrobe for sizes and best fitting labels on him. If he has a favourite shirt, then purchase an update from the same retailer. You could even take the shirt shopping with you to check sizing against other labels.

Men’s style is all about well fitting and quality items. Avoid trends as they might feel like they are trying to hard. Think about comfortable basics that might be missing and that can pull together numerous looks. For example, does he have plain basic tees or a slim leg chino in 2-3 colourways? Colour adds fun and dimension to a man’s wardrobe. Navy, red and grey can be a versatile mix and match palette.

Making a purchase of a version of something he already owns will have a greater success rate. He will understand and wear it. Add a new dimension with the right accessories – quality belt, pocket square or even a buttonhole instead of a tie for special occasions.

Shoes are often lacking in a man’s wardrobe and can be the vital ingredient. Go through his shoes and try to identify what is missing. Women are used to wearing uncomfortable shoes just because they look amazing. Men will not. Comfort is key. Never underestimate the power of a shoe. Buy him a stylish and comfortable pair and guaranteed he will be booking a restaurant so he can try them out.  Now that’s a win!

Good luck

Yours in style





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