Cheat sheet : Our top tips when shopping for Jeans

Because jeans are something we cannot live without 👖👖

I spent years in denim factories learning and implementing the technical side of denim. I have put together a quick cheat sheet with my tops tips to help you when shopping for new jeans.⠀

1. The larger the back pockets the smaller your bottom will look. Want to create a fuller bottom, go for a smaller pocket.⠀

2. Mid rise means it sits at your hip bone. If you are like me, you want a jean that is comfortable and doesn’t fall down..l.go for a high rise that fits in the smallest part of your waist. ⠀

3. Darker denim looks slimmer and easier to dress up. Lighter wash looks more casual and perfect for every day. I suggest you have one of each in your wardrobe.⠀

4. Don’t purchase a jean with more than 2% elastane. It will stretch and distort quickly and also looks cheaper. These are the jeans that fall down!

5. The wash finish is key. There are endless finishes for denim. The key is to find a wash that looks as natural as possible and is soft enough to be comfortable. Avoid whiskering ( bleaching technique ) detail in the crotch area or across the bottom ( often found in less expensive brands ) as it will add to your hips/ bottom,  rather than a flat denim colour which flatters and slims.


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